Economics Bulletin

Aims and Scope

The Economics Bulletin is an open-access letters journal founded in 2001 with the mission of providing free and extremely rapid scientific communication across the entire community of research economists. EB publishes original notes, comments, and preliminary results. We are especially interested in publishing manuscripts that keep the profession informed about on-going research programs. Our publication standard is that a manuscript be original, correct and of interest to a specialist. Submissions in these categories are refereed and our objective is to make a decision within two months. Accepted papers arc to be published immediately. It is expected that in many cases, manuscripts published in these categories will form the foundation for more complete works to be subsequently submitted to other journals. In all cases, submissions are restricted to seven printed pages exclusive of references, tables, figures, and appendices, and must be in PDF format. EB also publishes non-refereed letters to the editor, conferences announcements and research announcements.

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