Blockchain and ICT Work


Below are links to some of my work on Blockchain and other topics in Information and Communication Technology


Blockchain Basics (Slides for 2018 Golden Triangle Angel Network, Waterloo, Ontario)

An Introduction to Blockchain, Bitcoin, and CryptoEconomics ” (Slides for 2018 NYC Vanderbilt Alumni Blockchain Talk)

GeeqChain Executive Summary

GeeqChain: A Better Approach to Blockchain” (GeeqChain White paper)

John P. Conley (2017) “The Economics of Crypto-tokens and Initial Coin Offerings” (PowerPoint deck: Economics of Crypto-tokens and ICOs-slides)

John P. Conley (2017) “Encryption, Hashing, PPK, and Blockchain: A Simple Introduction

John P. Conley (2017) “Permissioned Ledgers on Open Blockchains

John P. Conley (2017) “Cryptocurrency Backed with Full Faith and Credit


Information and Communication Technology

Ergin Bayrak, John P. Conley and Simon Wilkie (2011) “The Economics of Cloud Computing Korean Economic Review, Vol. 27, pp. 203-230

John P. Conley and Fan-chin Kung (2010) “Private Benefits, Warm Glow and Reputation in the Free and Open Source Software Production Model Journal of Public Economic Theory, (Special issue edited by Ted Bergstrom, Parkash Chander and Lise Vesterlund), Vol. 12, No. 4, pp. 665-689

John P. Conley (2016) “Dynamic Games for Market Dominance in the Cloud – extended abstract


Publishing and Intellectual Property

John P. Conley and Ali Sina Önder (2014)  Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol. 28, pp. 205–216: “The Research Productivity of New Ph.D.s in Economics: the Surprisingly High Non-Success of the Successful”  (Published version) also see “An Empirical Guide to Choosing a Graduate Program and Hiring Assistant Professors in Economics” (Draft version)

John P. Conley Mario Crucini, Robert Driskill and Ali Sina Önder (2013) “The Effects of Publication Lags on Life Cycle Research Productivity in Economics Economic Inquiry, Vol. 51, pp. 1251–127

John P. Conley, (2012) “Low acceptance rates, commercial publishing, and the future of scholarly communicationEconomics Bulletin, Vol. 32 No. 4 p.A37

John P. Conley, Mario Crucini, Robert Driskill and Ali Sina Önder (2011)Publication lags and young economists’ research outputVOX, 24. October

John P. Conley and Myrna Wooders (2009)But What Have You Done for Me Lately? Commercial Publishing, Scholarly Communication, and Open-Access” Economic Analysis and Policy, Vol. 39, pp. 71-89

John P. Conley and Christopher Yoo (2009) “Nonrivalry and Price Discrimination in Copyright Economics University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Vol. 15 7 , pp. 101-130

Cooperative Game Theory

(Several of these papers seem to be of interest to computer science researchers)

John P. Conley, Rich McLean and Simon Wilkie (2014) “Axiomatic Foundations for Compromise Theory and the Relationship to Multi-Objective Programming Solutions

John P. Conley and Simon Wilkie (2012) “Ordinal Egalitarian Solution for Finite Choice Sets Social Choice and Welfare, Vol. 38, pp. 23-42

Bhaskar Chakravorti and John P. Conley (2004) “Bargaining Efficiency and the repeated Prisoners’ Dilemma Economics Bulletin, 2004, Vol. 3 pp. 1-8

John P. Conley Rich McLean and Simon Wilkie (1997)Reference Functions and Possibility Theorems for Cardinal Social Choice Problems Social Choice and Welfare, Vol. 14, pp. 65-78

John P. Conley and Simon Wilkie (1996) “An Extension of the Nash Bargaining Solution to Nonconvex Problems Games and Economic Behavior, Vol. 13, pp. 26-38

John P. Conley and Simon Wilkie (1991) “The Bargaining Problem without Convexity : Extending the Egalitarian and Kalai-Smorodinsky SolutionsEconomics Letters, Vol. 36, pp. 365-369



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