Microecon Course

This page is primarily for students taking Economics 3100 or Economics 6100 at Vanderbilt University


Course Description

This course is intended as intermediate level introduction to the study of the firms and individuals in their economic roles. Primary attention will be given to developing the basic microeconomic tools essential for more advanced economics courses. As such, the approach will take will be fairly rigorous and mathematical. A basic course in calculus is all the background required, but students who do not feel comfortable with these techniques may wish to spend some time reviewing. By the end of the semester, students should be able to figure out the policy implications of various government initiatives and be intelligent, critical readers of popular economics such as might be found in The Wall Street Journal. It should also leave you well prepared for more advanced field courses in economics


I have been writing a textbook entitled “Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis and Applications:A Balanced Approach”. This is intended to be an introduction to microeconomics for master’s students and better undergraduates.  I tried to make it rigorous on the one hand, but intuitive on the other.  Feel free to have a look at the current draft.  Any comments you might have are welcome.

You can download the preface here:


or the full text here:

Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis and Application: A Balanced Approach

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