What color should a Cadillac be?

Sara and I drove this 1960 Cadillac Sedan Deville from Nashville to Seattle Last Summer. It is in the last stages of being restored there, and we need to pick a color.

Yes, I know, what was I thinking. The trip was epic, or better, a saga. Overheated, stalled, lost a transmission and all the hubcaps, fuel leak, cut brake line . . . it all builds character. Trapped in Death Valley in 113 degree heat, stalled in traffic on the Las Vegas strip, eaten by mosquitoes the size of small dogs trying to get it started at Crater Lake (we made it to the top on our second attempt) all part of Sara’s liberal education.

Fixing it before we drove it back seemed prudent, at least Sara’s mother thought so. It started life white, but now it can be anything it wants. What do you think?

ready-to-go 1


1960 cadillac white 1
1960 cadillac white 2

Red and White

1960 cadillac red and white 1
1960 cadillac red and white 3
1960 cadillac red and white 2


1960 cadillac red 1
1960 cadillac dark red 1

Copper Red

1960 cadillac copper red 1
1960 cadillac copper red 2


1960 cadillac pink 1
1960 cadillac pink 2
1960 cadillac pink 3
1960 cadillac pink and red 1

Persian Sand

1960 cadillac persian sand 1


1960 cadillac green 1
1960 cadillac green 2



1960 cadillac turquoise and white 1
1960 cadillac Arroyo Turquoise 2


1960 cadillac black 1
1960 cadillac black and white 1


1960 cadillac purple 1

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