What color should a Cadillac be?

Sara and I drove this 1960 Cadillac Sedan Deville from Nashville to Seattle Last Summer. It is in the last stages of being restored there, and we need to pick a color.

Yes, I know, what was I thinking. The trip was epic, or better, a saga. Overheated, stalled, lost a transmission and all the hubcaps, fuel leak, cut brake line . . . it all builds character. Trapped in Death Valley in 113 degree heat, stalled in traffic on the Las Vegas strip, eaten by mosquitoes the size of small dogs trying to get it started at Crater Lake (we made it to the top on our second attempt) all part of Sara’s liberal education.

Fixing it before we drove it back seemed prudent, at least Sara’s mother thought so. It started life white, but now it can be anything it wants. What do you think?

ready-to-go 1


1960 cadillac white 1      1960 cadillac white 2

Red and White

1960 cadillac red and white 1  1960 cadillac red and white 31960 cadillac red and white 2



1960 cadillac red 1    1960 cadillac dark red 1

Copper Red

1960 cadillac copper red 11960 cadillac copper red 2



1960 cadillac pink 1    1960 cadillac pink 21960 cadillac pink 3   1960 cadillac pink and red 1

Persian Sand

1960 cadillac persian sand 1


1960 cadillac green 1   1960 cadillac green 2



1960 cadillac turquoise and white 1  1960 cadillac Arroyo Turquoise 2



1960 cadillac black 1    1960 cadillac black and white 1


1960 cadillac purple 1

16 thoughts on “What color should a Cadillac be?

  1. If you choose pink? Well that very Bruce Springsteen of you. The white is classic, so that is a good choice although the inside should be red if white is your color. Purple, that says no, maybe hell no. Red is classic with a white interior. Black or green or brown is not doing it for me. The grey/blue is very nice, but not classic. A nice silver might be worth considering with a black interior

  2. Definitely not pink or purple, black or white too dull, red will get you pulled over too
    often, Persian sand too modern and green, ho-hum! The “Hampton” blue with the white roof would be classy and appropriate.

  3. This is a tough one. Hard to pick just one color. So I am going to go with the choice that involves two, red-and-white makes a nice combination. Also reminiscent of two-tone pants from when the car was still young. If sticking with one color, I am partial to the copper red. (of course, this all assumes that you cannot make this look like the 1955 Lincoln Futura that formed the foundation of the original Batmobile, and was black with red trim – if any car could pull this off it is yours).

  4. Definitely a red, copper red is the most interesting. I’ve see you drive, no worry for tickets. You will be the envy all on the road. Enjoy your mid life crisis. 🙂 Black is always classy but reminiscent of a hearse.

  5. If I can post twice, I want to pass along that my wife Sheryl definitively votes Turquoise, she believes that this is “era-appropriate”. She in no way endorses my suggestions regarding the Batmobile…

  6. i’m shocked that you would drive an unreliable car cross country with your small child. and to think, i almost sent my small child with you. ( a choice that he really regrets not taking you up on. you increased mark and i’s cool level by several orders of magnitude.) i vote for red.

  7. I support the idea of posting multiple times, in which case I would like to request that the Persian Sand be taken down as well!
    I am also going to try to vote multiple times, because I like the (first) green photo as my second pick.

  8. I like the blue and white or the white with red on the top and bottom. Tourquoise seems too 50’s. Black too depressing. Persian sand and purple are just awful. Green kind of dull. White also dull but could be classy. My parents had a 1949 Cadillac convertible that was English racing car green with red leather upholstery. Sharp!

  9. I really like the one that is white with red along the bottom, although perhaps i am reacting to the fake backdrop of Arizona mountains. I also like the “green” one on the right (although to me it looks turquoise). I feel that those colors are emblematic of the times, even if the other colors were very common. The black one is good if you want to re-enact the Zapruder film. Back, and to the left. Back, and to the left…..

  10. Any of these will look great as you roll up to the Sands Hotel, toss the car key to the valet, and stroll in with a dame to see Sammy Davis Jr. perform “The Lady is a Tramp,” and then are hustled out of the hotel, driven out to the Nevada desert, gunned down gangland style for unpaid gambling debts, and left out there to be devoured by vultures. Now that I think about it, the color doesn’t matter, because you won’t live long enough to enjoy it.

  11. It’s a difficult choice… pink is great if you have the guts, if not, maybe turquoise. Anyway, all colors you put forward are good, except black, white, and red and white

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